Centennial Library's Summer Reading Program kicks off

Centennial Library's Summer Reading Program kicks off

When school's out, most kids think it's time to put the books away. But at the Centennial Library, they think otherwise.

"Reading is not boring," said Carol Lyn, 6. "It helps people learn what they're supposed to do and what they're supposed to learn about."

A study by the One World Literacy Foundation showed if kids can't read by the 4th grade proficiently, they have a 78% chance of not catching up.

That's why the Centennial Library is getting kids involved with their Summer Reading Program. They said kids who don't read during the summer can lose up to three months of reading progress. So the best way to keep up those academic skills, is to crack open a book.

"My son is ADHD and I have problems getting him to concentrate," said mother Denise Salinas. "Events like this help me out with him because he's reading because he's not at his grade level so all this really helps."

In addition to Keep Midland Beautiful, the library is partnering up with the West Texas Food Bank to give out free meals to the kids starting Monday at 12 p.m. It's all in conjunction to get kids active with the reading program.

"Everyday, 180 million children worldwide will never darken the door of a school, but if they can read, the stand a chance to make their lives better, their families, the chance to impact their community," said Midland County Public Libraries Director John "Mr. T" Trischitti."The greatest impact is a child's access to books. Children that have books at home is a greater indicator of future success."

The Summer Reading Program will continue until July 28th.

Trischitti gave a TEDx Talk on literacy last week in Abilene. Watch it here.

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