Hundreds of employees will lose jobs at Reeves Co. Detention Center

Hundreds of employees will lose jobs at Reeves Co. Detention Center

REEVES COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Hundreds of workers at the Reeves County Detention Center face losing their jobs very soon. This comes after the county and the Federal Bureau of Prisons were unable to reach an agreement on a management contract to keep the prison running.

The Reeves County Detention Complex is made up of three units, workers at two of these units can't be saved at this point.

The county and the Bureau of Prisons didn't reach an agreement on their contract, which leaves two units closing and around 400 employees without a job at the end of July.

"I hope the employees realize what's going to happen and they need to show up to voice their opinion," said Samuel Urias, a former employee of the detention center. "It's affecting them, it's not affecting me."

Urias worked at the detention center for 13 years before retiring in 2014. He said if the contract isn't renegotiated, hundreds of families will be struggling.

"I know people that just got married, just got a kid, just bought a house, it's going to affect them bad. Some people from El Paso came here because it pays better but now they'll have to go back."

Reeves County Commissioners held a closed meeting Tuesday to discuss the center shutdown but only one current employee showed up to the open meeting.

"They don't want to show up because if they show up to a commissioners court meeting, they'll be targeted at work," said Urias. "That's the reason they don't want to do it. But if they don't show up, they're going to lose their job."

With such short notice, workers will have to work fast to find new income.

The third unit has an extension on their contract so they'll stay running for another year. The Bureau of Prisons tell us at the end of the contract period, inmates will be transferred to another contracted private facility or to a Bureau of Prisons facility.

County officials were unable to further comment on the matter.

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