Tennessee man's service dog goes missing in Odessa

Tennessee man's service dog goes missing in Odessa

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - This is Jake, he's an Italian Greyhound from Tennessee, who doubles as a service dog for 12-year-old Sierra Barrett.

He's in town with her father, Brent Barrett, who is brought into the area to work as an anesthesiologist at MCH in Odessa.

Sunday, when Barrett got back to his apartment after work, someone was missing.

"So when I came home today to my apartment, when I walked in, Jake was gone," said Barrett. "I noticed that the TV was off and I thought somebody had broke in but the neighbor said he'd seen the dog running around about 11 o'clock today."

Barrett began to frantically look, alone, as he knows very little about Odessa. 
"Just incredibly sick," said Barrett. "We don't know anyone here yet and it's a strange city. He had a heat stroke a week ago from the heat and it's like 100 degrees here. I was very, very concerned, I'm still very concerned."

When we spoke with Barrett, we asked what was going through his mind, and how he was doing.

"Horrific,' said Barrett. "I was very attached to him and my daughter was very attached. It takes a lot of work to get them trained, to get be able to sit in school all day. It's been a lot of work, but he's a great, great dog."

Barrett doesn't have many friends here yet, but he said some work friends and friends back home were doing everything they could to help find Jake.

Thankfully, that worked. Around 8:30 on Sunday, he found Jake in Odessa.

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