Midland residents thank veterans while enjoying now-open pools

Midland residents thank veterans while enjoying now-open pools

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The reason so many pools are open for this weekend specifically, is of course, Memorial Day.

"Memorial weekend reminds me of the veterans that served in the war for us and sacrificed their lives for us," said eight-year-old Midland resident Marley Cummings.

The one day a year given to everyone to honor those who have passed in our armed forces.

But some residents, including Oscar Villegas, said that's not enough.

"They deserve it, not just memorial day, but they need more days," said Villegas. "We really need to look at those people, thank them and show some more appreciation."

What veterans have done for this country isn't lost, even on the younger generation.

As at least one Midland 11-year-old has already decided he wants to be a Marine when he grows up.

When we asked him why he thought it was a cool job.

"Because you get to serve for your country,"said Mark Cummings.

Although the kids plenty of kids wanted to say thank you, Villegas had something else to add.

"I appreciate every single thing that y'all have done, not just for me but everyone else in the country," said Villegas. "Because of them, we get to sleep good at night knowing that we'll still be alive the next day."

Plenty of pools will remain open throughout the weekend, including the Sherwood Park Aquatic Center, the Doug Russell Pool and many others that you can find on our website.

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