Local range owner weighs in on decrease in license to carry fee

Local range owner weighs in on decrease in license to carry fee

(KWES) - The license to carry fee in Texas will soon go down, making it one of the lowest in the nation. For first time carriers, The fee will decrease by $100.

One gun shop owner is warning new carriers to continue their gun education after paying the fee and taking the class.

It soon will be a lot easier to carry a firearm.

Governor Greg Abbott signed the law into place Friday. Right now, it runs you $140 to get a license for the first time. That fee will become just $40.

For those who already carry, the renewal fee will be just $40 every 5 years.

"All in all, this is one slice of the total fee structure that is in place that people use to get their license to carry," Tony Grijalva, owner of Family Armory and Range.

The family Armory and Range holds 2 classes every month for licensed carry. Grijalva says this new law could spark something in those who might not have been interested in carrying before.

"They develop a little bit more curiosity about what a license to carry entails, so it's a good thing that it is receiving more publicity," said Grijalva.

Although this law makes carrying more accessible to Texans, Grijalva says the class to get your license is only the basics. To be able carry safely, he recommends you to continue your firearm education and regularly shoot.

"The second amendment guarantees your right to keep and bear arms, but at the same time, the second amendment doesn't mean you know how to use them," said Grijalva.

The fees will be lowered on September 1, 2017.

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