World War II Veteran honored at Manor Park

World War II Veteran honored at Manor Park

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - It's Memorial Day Weekend and it may have a different meaning for some than others.

"It's a time to remember the people who have fought for our country, to recognize that we still have people fighting for our country and that every day our future holds more people going into service," said Sherice Barndt, Director of Independent Living at Manor Park.

Barndt said Friday's event is one they are very proud of, because it enables us to say thank you for everything they've done for us.

"They are role models for their kids and their kid's kids," said Barndt. "Like I said to the daycare children, commitment to your country, that's what keeps it great."

Among the 50-plus veterans who gathered at Manor Park Friday was a very special lady who just so happened to have served in World War II and she was honored for her service.

"My mother was a nurse and my mothers sister was a nurse in World War I, so like I said, I guess I just came by it naturally," said veteran Marilyn Philpy.

Although Marilyn never worked on the ground overseas, she definitely saw her share of the devastation.

"I worked at Fitzsimons General Hospital in Denver, where all the people that were soldiers who were injured were sent," said Philpy.

On Friday, the community honored all that work with a flag, something Marilyn said is a huge honor for her.

"I felt like there were other people that probably deserved it more than I did, but I was glad to represent Manor Park and the Cadet Nurses core," said Philpy.

Philpy did have family in attendance.

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