Soundwave tattoos...worth it or not?

Soundwave tattoos...worth it or not?

(KWES) - There's a story behind most tattoos. But what if your ink could speak for itself?? That's the premise behind soundwave tattoos.

"They get to share the sound of the person or moment with whoever they're sharing that with," said Nate Siggard of Skin Motion

Nate Siggard is the founder of "skin motion," an app-based company that can use tattoos to memorialize any audio file under one minute.

"When they upload that sound to our app, the sound gets analyzed and turned into the waveform," Siggard said.

Users can "hear" the finished tattoo by scanning it with their smartphone camera.

Chris Kelley signed up to be one of the artists to offer soundwave tattoos when 'Skin Motion' launches next month.

"You've got the look of the tattoo and then when you can scan it and play something that's personal to that person, I think that really adds something to it," said Tattoo Artist Chris Kelley.

Getting inked in the digital age to let tattoos talk.

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