City of Midland using TransMaps to survey their roads

City of Midland using TransMaps to survey their roads

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - As you drive through the city of Midland, you'll notice a majority of the streets are fairly smooth.

"Midland has pretty good weathering as a whole on these roads," said Christian Haskins, GIS Technician with TransMaps. "Just the heat, barring down on the roads, you can tell some of the stress is that way. But overall, they're pretty good roads."

That's partially in thanks to the city using TransMaps, a company that drives a van around to survey the streets, rating them on a scale of 0 to 100.

"So we can determine, based on those scores, what we need to do to extend the useful life of our streets," said Midland Transportation Manager Gabe McClelland.

TransMaps uses two 360-degree cameras and GPS to take an in-depth visual recording of city streets and then the company grades them.

In 2014, Midland didn't do too bad.

"So in 2014, our cumulative PCI, which is pavement condition index, was 71," said McClelland.

This year, the city is hoping the data of all 630-plus miles will shine some light on how they've been doing since the last check.

"When we got the data back from TransMap back in 2014, we implemented a lot of new tools and new methods to maintain our streets and our budget grew just a little bit to allow us to do that,' said McClelland. "So what we can do is also use these scores from 2017 to see how effective our new treatment methods are."

TransMaps will still be driving around the city for a few more weeks. If you notice any potholes or anything wrong with a street within city limits, call the city transportation office and give them a heads up.

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