12th Annual Ride of Silence raises awareness on sharing the road with cyclists

12th Annual Ride of Silence raises awareness on sharing the road with cyclists

WEST TEXAS (KWES) - If you drove down Highway 191 this Wednesday evening, you may have noticed some cyclists riding down the road. It was all for 12th Annual Ride of Silence to remember those who lost their lives from being hit by cars.

"My husband has been hit by cars twice. I have friends who've been hit, different friends who've been hit. I know several people who've been killed," said Lisa Anderson, a local cyclist.

"We made eye contact and she up and down [she], 'never saw me, never saw me, never saw me.' I sprawled out across the hood of her car," said John Floyd, the organizer for the event.

Most of those who participate have been hit themselves or know another cyclist who has. All gather to send a message to drivers.

"It helps us draw attention to cyclists as a group and people who are out sharing the roads with other traffic," said Floyd.

The Ride of Silence began in Dallas, as a memorial ride for a cyclist who was hit by a car. The yearly event became a way to remember those lost their lives.

"There were mothers. They were brothers. They were fathers," said Floyd.

The event is normally held on the third Wednesday of May every year at 7 p.m., but the event was canceled last week.

In honor of those west Texans, locals biked a 12 mile stretch, passing those very places where their fellow cyclists were hit.

It's not just about telling drivers to watch out. It is also about educating cyclists to be careful and gear up to better share the road.

"Pay attention when you are out there, be visible wearing the florescent clothing. Yeah, I get it we look like geeks, but be seen. See and be seen," said Floyd.

Floyd recommends to put blinking lights on the front and tail of your bike. He also says it's important to ride close to the right side of the road and go with the direction of traffic. Take off the head phones and focus on your surroundings.

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