Ector County ISD lays groundwork for potential bond at meeting

Ector County ISD lays groundwork for potential bond at meeting

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Members of Ector County ISD's community bond advisory committee met for the first time on Tuesday.

"This is a process. It's not a, here it is you've got to do this," said Tom Crowe, Superintendent for Ector County ISD.

The committee made up of educators, district attorneys, and ECISD staff members are trying to lay the groundwork for a potential bond for the district. A bond that the district believes could help with growth.

"There's nothing good about in the future Permian having 5300 kids. There's nothing good about Odessa High having 4700 kids. There's nothing good about 1400 or 1500 middle school kids going to the same school," said Crowe.

And infrastructure

"Education today is different than it was 50 and 60 years ago and we've got 50 and 60-year-old schools," said Crowe.

Helping the committee throughout another potential bond process is The Educated Voter, a branch of PBK Architects, who according to ECISD led over 20 bonds across the state totaling around 5 billion dollars.

"We need that. We need somebody from the outside to keep us doing that so it's not Tom Crowe trying to influence everything that's going on," said Crowe.

The committee's first meeting touched on everything from the hits and misses from previous bond elections to tax rates and demographics of the district. Each member knows why having this discussion is so important.

"It's about the kids. It's not about me. It's not about anybody else except the kids," said Crowe.

It's fitting that the first meeting was held at New Tech Odessa because when you look at the ceiling of the cafeteria you'll see college banners. The district knows a decision like this could make it easier for their kids to get there.

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