Midland native fights texting, driving with new app saving you cash

Midland native fights texting, driving with new app saving you cash
Safe 2 Save stops texting and driving (Source: KWES)
Safe 2 Save stops texting and driving (Source: KWES)
Earn points for driving safely, redeem them for prices (Source: KWES)
Earn points for driving safely, redeem them for prices (Source: KWES)

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - It's something 85 percent of us say we shouldn't do, texting and driving. It turns out you're 23 times more likely to crash while texting.

"That's the equivalent of drinking four beers and then getting behind the wheel," said Midland native creator and founder of Safe 2 Save, Marci Corry.

Corry is doing everything she can to battle texting and driving or the use of cell phones period. One west Texas city is already sponsoring the use of her app, now she is aiming to get another on board.

"We really wanted to have a positive way to reward people to just not text and drive. What's interesting is a lot of people think well I'm not the problem," Corry said.

The City of Midland is backing Safe 2 Save, an app designed to keep your hands free while earning perks as you drive.

Here's how the app works: "So you pull up the phone," said Corry. "You pull up safe to save before you start to drive. You get two points for every minute of safe driving."

An app that's changed several routines including former texter and driver, Kimmee Brandon, now publicist for Safe 2 Save.

"Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one doing this, how awful, how can I do this?," said Brandon. "So I was ashamed that I was texting and driving because my kids would get on to me."

Now things are different, Safe 2 Save has started a new trend.

"My daughter is actually fifteen and she has her permit," said Brandon. "She plugs her phone in into the charger and she pulled up the app and she put her phone down." Corry added there's now at least 21,500 people using the app.

But what's the real catch? What's in it for you?

"Then after you accumulate some great points you're like OK where do I want to spend my points? You can scroll to whatever city, Midland or Odessa, then you start to see all these high quality places like Steak 42, Murry's, Bushs' Chicken, we have Lost Cajun, and Texas Roadhouse," said Corry.

The list doesn't stop there! You can get discounts, buy one get one free or just free items in food, home, services and much more will be added.

The app is on the move, you can get a feel and see just how dangerous it is to text and drive using their simulator.

"All it takes is a split second of looking down and you crash and I would much rather see people like yourself crash right here in the simulator than getting behind the real wheel and putting other people in danger," Corry said.

The simulator is stopping by Texas Roadhouse in Midland at 6:30 Tuesday night.

Safe 2 Save is reaching for new goals. They're meeting Odessa City Council this evening to talk about Odessa being an official sponsor.

Don't forget texting and driving is illegal in the city of Midland. The same could be soon be true across the state.

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