PBRCADA to host Rethink Your Drink

PBRCADA to host Rethink Your Drink

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - We all know underage drinking is a problem every community deals with, but what you may not know, is it's worst here in the Permian Basin than almost anywhere else in the state of Texas.

Monday, the Permian Basin Regional Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse is hosting its conference, Rethink Your Drink.

They say the purpose of this is to teach those who may not know about the true dangers of underage drinking, which is worse here in west Texas than it is anywhere else in the state.

"We do have the most underage drinkers in the entire state," said Kevin Thompson, a regional evaluator with the group. "Not only that, when we look at adults, when we look at young adults, we're seeing massive amounts of DWI per capita, much higher than a lot of other major metropolitan areas throughout the state."

Thompson said part of the reason underage drinking is so huge here, is the stigma that there's just not much else to do.

"Alcohol is available in massive amounts and there's really not a whole lot other to do other than that," said Thompson. "The biggest indicator that we have found in our date, indicates that both youth and adults feel like there's nothing to do, even if there might be something."

Thompson said though there is a lot being done to teach and help our community members, there can always be more done that could help reach everyone's ultimate goal.

"We do have resources in the community and those resources are doing a great job," said Thompson. "But I think that our policy makers and our fundraisers and the individuals who have a lot of power and might in the community, I think that we can definitely do more to make the Permian Basin the best region in the entire state."

Mondays convention is from 1-5 and is at the Region 18 Service Center at 2811 La Force Boulevard in Midland.

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