Tournament winning wranglers return home

Tournament winning wranglers return home

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The Odessa College Wrangler Golf Team was back in town after winning the 2017 NJCAA National Golf Championship.

They finished the 4 day tournament at +14. 4 strokes over the second place team.

We caught up with the wranglers before they headed home for the summer.

Dan Thomas says. " We had really good comradery as a team. We had a positive attitude and a positive mind set and I think that helped us."

Augustin Hole says. " It was a dream, and this dream came true. We fought for it, we worked hard for it."

Head coach Paul Chavez said. "  When you are the best at your sport, Its just awesome. The kids worked hard all year. They went through a little bit of adversity with injury and illness and everything just seemed to come together at the end. Man, our guys played great. "

The last time the wranglers won the NJCAA Golf Tournament Championship was 2005.

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