Senator Ted Cruz visits the Basin

Senator Ted Cruz visits the Basin

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Senator Ted Cruz visited Odessa and Midland Saturday. He's been traveling across Texas meeting with city leaders.

Senator Cruz told us he was very excited to be in West Texas and spoke on several topics. One of them was the economy in West Texas. Cruz says the Permian Basin's economic growth continues to play a large role in transforming the oil industry.

"I think Midland and Odessa are the most entrepreneurial cities in the whole country," said Cruz. "This is a community that believes in the unlimited potential of free men and free women. To the shale revolution we're seeing, the Permian Basin is putting America in position of being an energy super power, an energy exporter instead of having to rely on foreign energy."

Senator Cruz also has spoken highly of putting an end to Obamacare. He wants to make sure more Texans can afford quality healthcare by lowering premiums.

"Obamacare is the biggest job killer in the country," said Cruz. "Many of Americans have lost their jobs and forced into part-time work, they've seen their premiums sky rocket, lost their doctors, it isn't working. It's failing. We've got to honor our promise to repeal Obamacare."

Cruz is also in favor of building a wall. But yes, he knows it comes with a cost and it's not cheap. The wall can cost from $14-20 billion. That's why he's introducing a legislation he says will fix that problem: have El Chapo pay for it.

"I happen to notice the estimates of El Chapo," said Cruz. "His assets the federal government is prosecuting and criminally forfeit his assets, those are estimated around 14 billion dollars. I gotta say it struck me there was a radically beautiful symmetry there. They made those billions crossing the border, trafficking narcotics, abusing people, murdering people, we got to take their money and use it to stop the next El Chapo from coming across."

Cruz also said his other top priorities include regulatory and tax reform. He wants to see a flat tax and abolish the IRS. He says if the federal government is off the backs of small business owners, then West Texas and Texas can continue to boom, then there would be more high paying jobs across the country.

He also mentioned maintaining a strong Supreme Court and sees a possible vacancy in the summer.

"Let's do what we promised," said Cruz. "We need to focus on results, and 2017 could be a historic blockbuster year."

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