Midland continues to warn drivers of low-water crossings

Midland continues to warn drivers of low-water crossings

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - When it rains, it floods in Midland. That's why most low-water crossings throughout the town get shut down but it wasn't always that way.

Spread throughout the city, you'll find fences blocking off the crossings. Specifically, across the draw where the street gets low and the water gets even higher. The city put them in a few years ago and they say they're specifically for events like this morning. 
"Before, we were just putting some cones in the road," said Midland Transportation Superintendent Abe Langston. "A lot of vehicles would just run those over or drive around them. So we just didn't find that to be an effective method to deter people from driving through these high waters, which is really a dangerous situation."

When the storms start rolling into town, city workers go to each low-water crossing and close the gates, starting with the draw.

City officials said most of the time, drivers think it will be easier to go through the puddles they see at these crossings. But it's what you don't see that can get you into trouble.

"You don't know what's underneath,' said Langston. "Especially when you have water flowing through over asphalt. Sometimes, potholes will appear, you'll have wash outs and you won't see that through the water. So a lot of times you can do some serious damage to your vehicle by running into a big hole or the roads not even there anymore."

For example, a few years ago before the fences were installed, a semi-truck found itself the victim of rising water in the draw.

Which goes to show that no matter how big your vehicle may be, the best thing to do is stay alert and follow the rules the city set in place.

"You know, I would just say, you know these gates are here for a purpose and they're there for your safety," said Langston. "So please respect them and turn around, don't drown."

Langston said all crossings, except for the one on Golf Course road, had been reopened. The Golf Course Road crossing should be re-opened by Saturday morning.

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