Are diet sodas linked to health risks?

Are diet sodas linked to health risks?

The biggest reason for drinking diet sodas, 0 calories.

A sugar substitute is also used to reduce the amount from a regular soda.

"So the sugar substitutes are a great way to reduce the calories that you're getting from sugar and that will help with weight management, even help with a little bit of diabetes control," Karleigh Jurek, Corporate Dietitian at Market Street said.

Many have always questioned if diet sodas pose health risks.

Many articles and studies have said yes and that may sound worrisome, but Jurek suggests don't need to clear the diet drinks out of your fridge just yet.

"So all of those artificial sugars, those have been studied under FDA guidelines and they have been proven to be okay to consume," Jurek said. "Everything in moderation I think is the key there so if you like diet sodas I think you can get away with drinking one or two a day."

Numerous studies have reported links between diet soda and health issues like weight gain, diabetes, heart problems strokes and more.

But what does this mean?

"The important thing to remember is these are one study so they don't necessarily create a cause and effect," she said. "But it is important to keep that in mind these haven't been replicated ion studies so its important to remember that its just one study that they haven't been proven yet."

Many questions still must be answered before we'll know whether diet soda raises your chance of health problems.

So for now, looks like its okay, to pop open a can or two a day of diet soda to sip on.

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