2016 Midland Polo Club murder trial underway

2016 Midland Polo Club murder trial underway

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Last year around this time then 26-year-old Ernesto Natividad was arrested for shooting then 20 year-old Walter Galicia to death at the Midland Polo Club.

On Tuesday, Natividad faced a jury of his peers at the Midland County Courthouse.

The 14-person jury heard evidence about the murder from the prosecution and defense.

The last two hours of the day saw law enforcement and family members take the stand as witnesses.

Jeffrey Strain of the Texas Rangers told the jury about how he handled the gun taken from the scene.

Ernesto's brother, Loreto Natividad took the stand as well.

He told the jury that he was in Dallas at the time of the shooting.

Loreto also talked about a 15 second conversation he had with his brother the night of the shooting.

Natividad also touched on the relationship between his brother and Galicia.

All three of them worked at for the Midland Polo Club.

Right before 5, the judge dismissed the jury for the day.

The judge also explained to Ernesto what would happen if he ever decided to testify.

The trial is currently ongoing.

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