Parents learn about causes and effects when dealing with child's anger

Parents learn about causes and effects when dealing with child's anger

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Dealing with a child who has anger issues can be tough on a parent. At Big Brothers Big Sisters in Midland, they're trying to teach parents how to manage it a little easier.

"No matter how good a parent you are there's going to be a time the right buttons get pushed and it's going to be very frustrating and exasperating to try and communicate with your child," said Kay Crites, Executive Director for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Anger and how adults can children manage it was the topic of discussion at Big Brothers Big Sisters in Midland on Monday.

"I don't know of a single child, including my two, that have gone through their entire life and never been angry," said Crites.

Crites helped organize the talk. The adults were in one room, while the kids were in another. Some of them just wanted to know what to look for if they felt their child was angry.

Naomi Espinoza, Family Services Coordinator, said, "A lot of the times some children just shut down. They don't want to talk. They'll isolate themselves. They just want to be alone. At times when their angry, they'll deal by lashing out."

It's those things that Espinoza believe could affect a child long-term.

"They start cutting themselves. A lot of teenagers will even attempt suicide," said Espinoza.

Parents, grandparents and even new parents learned that sometimes both the child and the adult can use a break. They learned that taking deep breaths and counting also helps whenever a situation arises. During the 90 minute session, many felt they became more aware of any anger issue their child may have.

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