Motorcyclist hopes driver who hit him and drove off comes forward

Motorcyclist hopes driver who hit him and drove off comes forward

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - One man is still recovering from his injuries after getting hit by a driver on his motorcycle last week. He and his family are asking for that person to come forward.

Matthew Johnson riding his motorcycle on his way to pick up his truck. When he turned onto Big Spring, he was hit by a driver May 5 around to 10 p.m. on the intersection of Big Spring Street and Cowden Avenue.

"I don't remember anything until the actual impact, crash and everything and waking up on the ground after that," said Johnson. "My femur bone was sticking out, I had to reach in, that's where my cell phone was."

The driver of the vehicle left the scene, and now police are on the lookout for the person involved in the accident.

"When they took him off of the ambulance, he was covered in blood," said Matthew's girlfriend, LeAnn Ledford. "There was so much blood everywhere and honestly I didn't know if he was going to live or not. I hope whoever did this can find the heart to turn themselves in. You can't just leave people on the side of the street to die."

After making several attempts to call family and friends, that was when his friend, Carlos Madrid picked up.

"Thank God he answered. He saved my life," said Johnson.

Madrid and his wife made the call to dispatch when Johnson called. Madrid stayed on the phone with him until paramedics arrived.

"He said, 'I'm dead I'm dead.' I said, 'What do you mean?' He said, 'I'm dead. I'm just going to go ahead and go now.' I said, 'No, stay on the phone, we need to find you.' I was trying to keep him calm. As soon as we got there, we saw his leg was gone."

Johnson was taken to Midland Memorial Hospital where he underwent surgery. And although he doesn't have a leg, but multiple stitches and a titanium rod running up his hip, he is still standing and staying strong.

"We're so lucky to have him," said Ledford. "He has a positive outlook on life. He lost a piece of his leg, but you know what, he's still the same person."

With a tremendous amount of support and what could have been fatal, family and friends are thankful that they still get to see his smile tonight.

"We'll make it through this, this ain't the end," said Johnson. "This leg will be healed and I'll be good."

"Just to see him handle it the way he's handle it, I don't think anyone could do it," said Madrid. "We just give all the glory to God."

Johnson and his family are urging drivers to always be careful and look twice when driving.

Midland police only have a description of a white passenger vehicle. They believe the damage to the vehicle is in the front. If you have any information on the accident, you're asked to call the Midland Police Department at (432) 685-7108.

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