Consider This... Hindsight 20-20

(KWES) - Have you looked back at the 4B and wonder what happened.  Some took to social media after the results came in.  While a number of reasons were cited, there was somewhat of a consistent theme.  You be the judge.

One said.  "The real problem was the general nature in how the funds would be used, road and park improvements. What, specific improvements? What is the budget for each improvement? As written, the use of the funds was much too vague, setting it up for misuse."
And, "We need to be fixing roads, not parks anyway, our infrastructure is terrible!"
Another said, "Did you even read the bill? It was so loosely worded that really, they could allocate those funds how THEY see fit. 52 soccer fields? For what exactly?"
And, "It was a slush fund!! There were no defined projects with defined costs!!"

Consider This...  hindsight is always 20-20 but one thing was clear throughout the campaign and with voter turnout.  The pulse of Midland is weak.  You never heard a unifying battle cry for the 4B.  

Now is the time to go back to the drawing board and determine voters' visions for Midland.  Exhaust every opportunity to gather research and understand what citizens want, regardless if it comes with or without an additional tax.  It impossible to please everyone, but getting a majority is a start towards better Midland.

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