Website geared at solving thefts, burglaries

Website geared at solving thefts, burglaries

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Summer is right around the corner, not only do we see an increase in temperatures but also in crime.

The Odessa Police Department (OPD) wants you to use a new website that can help them solve cases if your valuables get stolen.

"The citizens have to help us," said Detective Sam Chavez with OPD. "Recording serial numbers, keeping valuables out of their vehicles, storing them in a safe place. With that type of help, we'll see them [crimes] go down."

"Report It" through Leads Online helps you keep track of your valuables online. Police recommend you record all serial numbers and take pictures of valuable items that might not have one. Jewelry, firearms and televisions are some popular ones

"When you're burglarized, the last thing you're trying to remember is the serial numbers," said Chavez. "They've just been burglarized, it's traumatic to them. A lot of those little things they don't remember. With us going forward, it helps us in trying to locate their property and the people that may have it."

Pawn shops nationwide are required to input all items into the website. If it has a match with an item already on the database, Leads Online will flag it for the local police department.

"Leads Online is very, very helpful because many people now a days pawn stuff, just to make a quick buck," said Chavez.

Even if the item isn't pawned, the list will help keep serial numbers organized. You can list up to 100 items.

To keep track of your valuables click here.

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