West Texas Food Bank ready for 25th Annual Stamp Out Hunger Drive

West Texas Food Bank ready for 25th Annual Stamp Out Hunger Drive

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - On Saturday, you may see some neighbors put what looks like trash outside their house. Only it isn't trash, and in fact, is going to help feed thousands of West Texas community members.

The West Texas Food Bank is always accepting donations to help feed the 19 communities it serves.

Usually, they take donations in person, at either of their Midland or Odessa facilities.

But Saturday, you can skip the trip by just leaving some food out on the curb.

"It's such an easy way for the community to give back," said WTFB communications coordinator, Craig Stoker. "They can just leave a bag or even a box of food at their mailbox and the letter carrier will bring it back to us. We'll collect it for them."

It's called Stamp Out Hunger and the West Texas Food Bank has been doing it for 25 years now.

They said the food left on the curb will make it's way to the bank and to all of their other pantries and they need your donations to continue running.

"If you do leave your bag of food out, it's guaranteed to get back to us," said Stoker. "Those donated products are what we use to fill our partner agencies pantries. Without donations like this, it becomes harder and harder for us to work."

But it doesn't just have to be food.

"Even some non-food items we'll take," said Stoker. "Depending on what our agencies need, we always want to step in and give them what they need to continue their mission."

They say non-food items include anythings from diapers to napkins.

For food though, they say canned goods, pastas, soups, peanut butter and anything that will last a while on a shelf are best.

If you want to Stamp Out Hunger Saturday, all you have to do is leave some food near your mailbox or mail area if you don't have a box.

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