2 14-year-old's in custody after pistols were found at Brooks Middle School

2 14-year-old's in custody after pistols were found at Brooks Middle School
Parents waiting outside of school. (Source; KWES)
(Source: KWES)
(Source: KWES)

GREENWOOD, TX (KWES) - Two 14-year-old juveniles are currently in custody after an incident at Brooks Middle School on Friday morning.

Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter said it all started when the two 14-year-old's stole four pistols from a neighbor's home and brought them to the school on Thursday to try to sell them.

Painter said the students did show the guns but no one was interested in purchasing them. Painter stated that the students were trying to sell the guns to possibly buy narcotics.

We're told the students then brought the guns back to the school on Friday.

"I never thought it would happen this close to home," said Bailey Miller, a Greenwood I.S.D. parent. "I had only been awake 45 minutes and that's how I started my day and I was just, oh my gosh, nervous and shaking."

Miller like many other was at home when she found out through Facebook her 12-year-old daughter's school was on lockdown. Immediately, she thought the worst.

"I didn't know if I would see my daughter again today or not, honestly," said Miller.

According to Painter, some students at the school told their parents via text that there were weapons at the school and the parents quickly notified authorities.

Authorities said they located two pistols, a Judge 410 Pistol and a .45 pistol, as well as additional ammunition, in the locker room, at the school. Police are looking for the other two weapons and will be speaking with another student about the possible location of the pistols.

We're told the two 14-year-old's are at Culver Youth Home and they will see a juvenile justice judge sometime next week. They will be facing charges of carrying weapons in a school as well as other charges.

"Does it make you feel any better that they didn't want to hurt anyone?" we asked.

"No, because why would 14-year-old's be bringing guns to school to try and sell them? Parents need be more aware of what their children are doing and what they are taking out of homes and whats going on in school," said Miller.

"This is not something that occurs very often in Greenwood, It is a very, very rare occurrence," said Painter.

Several other law enforcement agencies were involved including ICE and Texas Department of Public Safety offering additional support.

Greenwood I.S.D. also released a statement, " As the collective community of the Greenwood Independent School District, we are most thankful to report that everyone is safe and we have issued an all clear from the lock down situation we experienced today. This morning we had an incident with a weapon on our middle school campus. Our campus administration acted swiftly and secured the weapon without endangering anyone. Our faculty and office staff did an exceptional job following protocol for a lock down, maintaining calm and keeping everyone safe. While we never truly want to find out if our emergency procedures work, we are pleased that they did in this situation, and we are truly thankful to everyone from our local law enforcement officials, to our staff, and to our parents and students. Because the incident involved minor students, further specifics with respect to the situation will be left to local law enforcement to report to you."

We'll continue to keep you up-to-date.

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