National Nurse Week, a time to thank your nurse

National Nurse Week, a time to thank your nurse

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - It's a time to celebrate nurses who lead the charge for health and wellness every day.

This week is national nurses week, but its also about acknowledging the vital role nurses play in society today.

It's also a chance to say thank you to the men and women who care for us.

Christina Kulpaga has been a nurse for five years and has worked at Odessa Regional Medical Center for three.

Kulpaga's mom was a CCU nurse for 30 years and she hopes to follow in her foot steps.

"God calls us to serve people and he's given me the compassion and the ability to take care of people and I love doing it and I'm gonna continue to do it until I can't anymore," Kulpaga said.

She has a passion to improve the health care of her patients and said as a nurse, no day is the same.

"You never know whats gonna come through the door," Kulpaga said. "And you don't know what you're gonna walk into in one of these rooms, but we do whatever we can to take care of our patients and do the best that we can."

Kulpaga says she'll always look back on a memory that reminds her every day why she loves what she does.

"I took care of a patient when I was an STNA , I was 18 years old and she was dying," Kulpaga said. "And I just sat there and held her hand and she didn't have any other family around, and just sitting there holding her hand, her crying and us crying together, it just filled my heart with joy and you get to do this and take care of people and make their days better everyday and I just love it."

She said nursing a great field to work in and said this week is all about recognizing nurses and what they do in our society and celebrating it.

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