Killing pests and catching passes

Killing pests and catching passes

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - You might see Zak Davis at your house spraying chemicals, sprinkling insect killer on your lawn or setting up a pest trap.

He gets paid to do that. When the 25 year old is not killing pests, he is catching passes. Davis also plays for The West Texas Pride Football Team.

He does not get paid in money.

" Its all for the love of the game. Some people say that we are crazy to play a game were we can get hurt and not get paid, but when you love something that is all you need is a reason, you don't need money, you don't need fame." Says Davis

Davis played football for Midland Christian High School graduating in 2010.

He then played two years of college football.

" I think every body that has been good at football, has had that dream to play in the NFL or overseas, in Canada and get paid to play. But once I got into college, I realized I was not going to take that route. "

The route he did take can be a balancing act.

" I'm pretty lucky with my job, I can flex my schedule around football if it needs to be.

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