Experience is key for chaps baseball

Experience is key for chaps baseball

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Midland College Chaps Baseball is back in The NJCAA Region 5 Division 1 Baseball Tournament.

The chaps have a number of players that have been here before.

How important is it to have that experience?

Chaps infielder Nolan Rattai says. "Its always good to have experience, we feel really confident and we are ready to go have some fun."

Pitcher Logan McCrummen says. " As a player, it means a lot,we worked hard all year and we played hard. I think its a true testament to how well we have done this season as a team already. "

Midland College Chaps Head Baseball Coach David Coleman says. "  Its a huge component and huge element , because the regional tournament is such a different animal. To have as many players as we have returning back in the regional tournament , I think that will help them be more comfortable. When you know what to expect, its not as shocking. Some of the shock will be off some of the returning players and I think they will be a little bit more comfortable and I think our performance of the sophomores has a chance to be at a higher level.  "

The NJCAA Region 5 Division 1 Baseball Tournament starts Friday.

The chaps first opponent is Weatherford College.

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