Spaceport Business Park phase nearing completion in Midland

Spaceport Business Park phase nearing completion in Midland
(Source: KWES)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Midland International Air and Space Port is getting closer to finishing a phase of their Spaceport Business Park.

That park is set up for future aerospace business to set up shop in the Permian Basin.

Last year, the city received $3 million for the project from the state and the Midland Development Corporation, which they have already begun to reimburse.

Council members say they see this as another addition to expanding the aerospace industry in Midland.

"We're starting to gain traction. You gotta take baby steps. This is a new industry but the synergy involved between oil and gas and the tech skills in the aerospace industry are unbelievable. We're starting to see that synergy involved and companies working with each other, especially welders and machinists and things like that," said Councilman J. Ross Lacy.

Phase one of the project is expected to be complete by September or October.

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