MTCU hosts Mad City Money Fair at Goddard Jr. High

MTCU hosts Mad City Money Fair at Goddard Jr. High

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Students at Goddard Jr. High got a taste of real life today during the Mad City Money Fair.

Mad City Money is put on by MTCU and they are partnered with 60 of our local schools in the area to show them the importance of being financially prepared.

"We like to be involved in the community," said Michelle Forest with MTCU. "So it only makes sense that we're trying to help with that. Children have to deal with money for the rest of their life."

Students had to do a complete budget with a house payment, car payment and other unexpected items that tend to happen in real life, showing them first hand what their parents deal with daily.

"It explains how stressed they are and how sometimes we can't eat out like all the time," said Major, an eighth grader at Goddard.

With these students learning what it takes to be financially sound, MTCU is starting an important conversation between kids and their parents.

"It's not talked about a lot and unfortunately, kids get out of high school and sometimes their credit is ruined by 20 years old and then they have to fix it. We're hoping to get the message out to where they can plan and choose what they're gonna do with their money," said Forest.

For more information on MTCU, visit their website.

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