Why voters voted against the Midland 4B sales tax

Why voters voted against the Midland 4B sales tax

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - It wasn't a victory for the City of Midland. With 54% of the vote, many Midlanders decided they didn't want to pay the 4B sales tax which would be used to expand parks, maintain the Scharbauer Sports Complex and fund other 4B projects.

"Using the money for the quarter percent tax on 4B would be better used on roads which is coming up on a vote in November and so the taxpayer money will be used for roads other than this 4B system," one voter told us.

Others said the 4B sales tax just didn't apply to them.

"I don't think the whole city will be able to use the facilities," said another voter. "I think it's for special events. I didn't see in there things for the older people in the community."

Many responses included the idea that the tax is actually a new tax since the other existing tax expires and that the money can be used for roads instead.

After paying off the debt, the city has $20 million to work with. They said they'll have to have more discussion with the council to figure out how to fund the projects and the Scharbauer Sports Complex.

"This targets everybody in Midland," said Mayor Jerry Morales. "This was an opportunity to improve. We have to get back out there and inform those unaware of the 4B. I am not against going after this again in one year. I'm a strong believer that that percent does that much of an improvement in our quality of place. This is my hometown. I'm a taxpayer, I have businesses, I serve my community and I would most definitely take the challenge in going after this again."

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