Fourth annual Touch-A-Truck held in Midland

Fourth annual Touch-A-Truck held in Midland

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Loud noises are naturally, music to the ears of parents.

That's why so many brought their kids out to the fourth annual Touch-A-Truck in Midland, where for $5 you and your child could touch, jump and do just about anything during the four hour event.

"I think it's a great learning opportunity," said Touch-A-Truck organizer Kari Warden. "They can see how trucks work, plus we have a lot of our drivers are doing truck safety as well as a chance to explore the vehicles, just learning how to be safe around trucks. It's just a good way to spend a Saturday, you're outside, getting exercise. It's just like a park, except better."

And the kids agree.

"It's really awesome," said Kimberly Brice, a Midland child.

"Really awesome," said her friend Claire Garrett.

When we asked what their favorite parts were, we got some interesting answers.

"Getting all the free stuff," screamed Garrett.

"And seeing all the trucks," added Brice.

The event is set up as a learning experience, but for a lot of the attendees it's more than that.

"Playing," said Skyler, another Midland kid. "Having fun, hanging out with my family."

Everyone had their favorite truck picked out, including the NewsWest 9 truck they got to climb in.

"This truck," said Emily Townsend.

Her brother agreed.

"Me too," exclaimed her brother Matthew. "This is my favorite as well so I like it. I want to get one of these, when I grow up I want of these to call somebody!"

And as you can see, the kids had a blast.

"I would like to say thank you because they're going to let us get in the trucks and cars and see in case if people don't know if they actually have a car like that, they would know," said Emily.

But to some of them, the coolest part was being a part of something new.

"Doing the news," screamed Lexi Surgenor.

All the money raised from Touch-A-Truck was donated to the Midland Fair Havens. Last year they said they raised just under $10,000 and this year, they're looking to double it.

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