Midland parent offers own perspective on upcoming 4B election

Midland parent offers own perspective on upcoming 4B election

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Dedee Boring is a mother of four and like most parents in the area had to take her kids out of the city to compete in sports.

"We went to Richland Hills in Dallas and all the boys couldn't believe the grass. It was just so amazing and so beautiful," said Boring.

Parks for kids is just one of the things the 4B tax looks to improve if voters in Midland want it on May 6th. The city says the tax isn't a new tax and the funds go back into the city to make the projects possible.

"The 4B to me is kind of like if I gave you a gift card to a restaurant but you wanted to go to a different restaurant, you thought it would be better at a different restaurant. That would be great and I know that restaurant probably has wonderful food but the gift card I gave you is for this one particular restaurant," said Boring.

Those not in favor of the tax think the 4B is unnecessary for the city right now.

"I agree that there is a lot of things in the school system that need to be improved, roads that need to be improved. I understand that 100%. This is such a specific tax," said Boring.

That's why supporters like Boring hope the people in charge will keep their promise.

"If this does pass then we need to hold city council responsible that they do exactly what they say they are going to do. They build the facilities the way they said they are going to build them and pay them off before they start a new project," said Boring.

Saturday's election mean a lot for families like Boring and others who are either for the tax or against it. Now all that's left to do is for Midlanders to have their voices heard.

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