Odessa doctor says new health care bill leaves uncertainty

Odessa doctor says new health care bill leaves uncertainty

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The GOP Health Care Bill faces a tough fight in the Senate. There's all kinds of concerns from pre-existing conditions to medicaid cuts. It's left many wondering what will happen to their coverage.

Uncertainty, that's what Dr. Vik Wall said many patients are feeling, no one knows what's next for health care.

"Obamacare was passed without being read by most of the people that voted for it and against it," said Wall. "This bill is smaller in size and I would wager that people voting for it and against it haven't read it and can't really speak directly towards what it's positions might be and ramifications for patients."

The bill promises more freedom for insurance companies and patients to choose coverage and change to premium balances. Wall said the patients he's most concerned about are the ones already going through treatment.

"Can they even get the coverage? This is a very great concern for our patients," said Wall. "What if I have a disease and need to change coverage? Will I be able to get coverage? Exactly how the provisions of this law are going to affect that is not clear and that is causing a lot of anxiety for the patients and physicians who treat them."

If you let your insurance lapse, it's possible your premium will increase the first year when you're ready to purchase again. Wall said a physician's priority is their patient and the same should be the same for government.

"Not just do something because we want to do something and not just vote with our tribe because we want to be loyal to our tribe," said Wall. "We need to stop and we need to think rationally and we need to get expert opinions and even do research as to see how would this law affect people and that may actually take a couple of years to sort out."

Wall said patients with pre-existing conditions should start reading up to find the best plan for the coverage they need. On the bright side, if the new bill passes, it will benefit the younger generations, premiums will be much lower for them.

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