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Congressman Mike Conaway talks about Obamacare repeal

Congressman Mike Conaway (Source: Twitter) Congressman Mike Conaway (Source: Twitter)

With a vote of 217 to 213 the Republican party is closer now to repealing and replacing Obamacare.

Congressman Mike Conaway, said “I promised to vote for it for seven years now. I voted some fifty times to repeal it. This was the first opportunity to vote on the replacement part or the pieces that would try to fix what was broken.”

Congress changed some of the language in the bill to get it passed most notably for people with pre-existing conditions. Conaway said the Obama Administration’s plan didn’t do any favors for Texans and nationwide.

“They didn’t get to keep their doctor. They didn’t get to keep their health insurance plan. The $2500 that the president promised basically didn’t happen at all,” said Conaway.

Now the next step is for the senate to vote on it which Conaway says needs only 51 votes to continue through congress.

“It’s kind of like that duck, nothing much is happening on that serene lake but the feet under it is going 90 miles per hour. We didn’t back up in the house, we kept pushing this thing forward and got it done,” said Conaway.

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