Midland hospital practices active shooter situation

Midland hospital practices active shooter situation

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Active shooters and a stabbing across Texas this week. You never know where or when it will happen here. On Thursday, Midland Memorial Hospital (MMH) practiced what they would do in that situation.

"It's for the safety of our hospital staff, our community, our visitors and our patients," said Kenny Taylor,  Chief of Midland County Hospital District's Police Department. "We need to train for these to minimize casualties and to keep them safe."

Twice a year, MMH is required to have a drill.

"It's very likely it can happen here," said Taylor. "We just want to be prepared so that we can minimize casualties as much as possible."

MMH has their own police department, Taylor said that means they can respond as fast as 60 seconds. The hospital paired up with several Midland agencies to make the scenario feel as real as possible. Police use simunitions, they're similar to paint-balls and are commonly used to practice firearm training.

"We can walk around all day long and point and shoot and say, 'Bang, Bang.' But when you actually have live rounds coming at you, whether they be simunition rounds, it's a little bit of a different environment, it's more high stress level," said Taylor. "It makes our officers have to focus and concentrate under those types of conditions."

Paramedics even showed up to help the people that simulated being injured. These drills are evaluated, it lets both the hospital and the police departments know how they are doing working as a team and what improvements they need to make.

The hospital's police department said if you ever find yourself in this situation, there are three things you can do.

  • Run if you have a clear path and can get outside of the building
  • Shelter in place, the hospital will go into lockdown
  • Stay quiet until police arrive to help

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