Midland Fire Department starts fires to prove a point

Midland Fire Department starts fires to prove a point

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - You may have noticed some smoke just behind the Midland County Horseshoe Pavilion early Thursday.

It was the Midland Fire Department lighting a home on fire to show the public the difference between having a sprinkler system and not having one.

From the first time the smoke alarm goes off and when the fire department arrives, there could be a difference of about 10 minutes.

"Please have smoke detectors, change the batteries every year," said Battalion Chief Drew Peters. "But the smoke detector only tells you there is a fire. A fire sprinkler system can put it out."

The Midland Fire Department wanted to prove their point.  So they set some rooms on fire, one in a room with a sprinkler system and one without.

After about a minute and a half, the sprinkler system put out the fire in its room. But the room without a system, was engulfed in flames, with windows shattering within four minutes.

And all this damage was caused before the fire department would theoretically be able to get there.

"Really that's probably sooner than the fire department would arrive but because of the spectators and as much fire as we had, we went ahead and put it out early,' said Peters. "So I think everybody here sees the dramatic difference you can obtain from having a fire sprinkler system."

The battalion chief said the system runs through your plumbing system in your home, so you'll be paying for the potentially life-saving water with your monthly water bill and it's going to cost to put the system into your home.

But despite the cost, he says it's definitely worth it, because it's one of the best defensive stances you can take.

"If I didn't recommend it, I wouldn't be standing here today," said Peters. "I really do. This is the one thing that can truly save lives."

For more information you can go to the State Farm website or call your cities code and administration office, as they should have a list of vendors.

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