Are energy drinks really safe?

Are energy drinks really safe?

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - While some may need a cup of coffee in the morning for that pick-me-up, others prefer to sip on a cold energy drink.

It's a dilemma, many argue whether is safe or not, but if you actually consume just the right amount you won't need to worry.

Energy drinks include vitamins minerals, and of course the primary ingredient, caffeine.

The issue with energy drinks is those who regularly drink them build up a tolerance and start drinking way too many.

"So you keep going back for more," Karleigh Jurek, the Corporate Dietitian at Market Street said. "In about one can of an energy drink has about your daily dose of caffeine in it so when you start doing one, two three a day, you start running into too much caffeine."

So what exactly does too much caffeine do to your body?

It's important to only drink the recommended dose of caffeine your body is allowed every day before health risks pose a serious threat.

"Hypertension, high blood pressure, arrhythmia, you could even start hallucinating things like that," Jurek said. "And it can even cause insomnia, which sleep, a lot of great research about how getting a full 8 hours of sleep is so good for your heart your weight and even your mental capacity so the more you drink energy drinks, the less sleep you get."

To help with your sleep Jurek said it's best to pop open that can in the morning.

Once it wears off, she suggests eating almonds for a healthier alternative to more energy.

She also recommends eating more protein at lunch and less carbs.

Depending on your preference, Jurek said allow your body either four cups of coffee a day or one energy drink.

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