Well-known West Texas lawyer being deported

Well-known West Texas lawyer being deported
Rahul Malhotra (Source: KWES)

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - A well-known West Texas lawyer is being deported.

Rahul Malhotra pled guilty in federal court to lying about the ownership of his law firm, which violates his visa conditions.

We reached out to Malhotra's attorney, who's based in Houston, but they did not immediately respond.

We went to Malhotra's office where we spoke with an attorney who worked with Malhotra since 2001.

He tells us that his deepest sympathy goes towards Malhotra's family.

"I'm disappointed. It's been an unfortunate process for Rahul and his family. I'm disappointed for them in terms of the continuity of his office and taking care of the clients here at the firm we're committed to doing that and that's going to happen," said Jon Hanna, attorney with the Malhotra Law Firm.

Hanna continued to say that he broke the news to all of Malhotra's clients.

They have been reassured that they will still be taken care of despite Malhotra's deportation.

Hanna continued to say that the law office will continue to keep its name since Malhotra still owns the building.

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