Officer gives out 100 fines during first day of downtown Midland parking enforcement

Officer gives out 100 fines during first day of downtown Midland parking enforcement

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - If you're heading to downtown Midland anytime soon, you may want to pay extra attention to where you're parking.

Tickets are getting handed out to drivers parked in the wrong spot and can cost you up to $500. It's something the City of Midland has talked about for over a year.

"I think we've seen a good turn over, even with just warnings," said Downtown Development Coordinator, Cristina Odenborg. "There are more parking spaces available downtown, I know there are a lot of business owners that are very happy to see him on the street enforcing parking."

Officer Rob Wilson gave out over 100 warnings daily during the grace period. The city hopes actual fines will help bring that number down. Many of these drivers have found tickets on their windshield before.

"I actually have ticketed this vehicle in this spot and also in the loading spot over there as well," said Wilson.

Fines start at $20 but if you're found in a handicapped spot, you'll have to pay $500. Wilson said he hears back from drivers regularly, some are happier than others.

"I talked to this woman, it used to take her 30 minutes to go in buildings because she would have to drive around and wait for an actual parking spot opened but she says now since I've started she says, 'I can find a parking spot all the time,'" said Wilson.

The city hopes to make it easier for those wanting to visit downtown.

"We can have people come downtown to visit our restaurants and our few retail shops and also to attract businesses that require parking," said Odenborg.

Officer Wilson said he handed out about 100 fines in just the first day.

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