Breaking Bread Kitchen going mobile

Breaking Bread Kitchen going mobile

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Right now, homeless people in Midland can get lunch and dinner for free from local volunteers. Starting this summer, they'll be able to get breakfast as well.

Breaking Bread Kitchen in Midland has been serving dinner to the homeless of Midland at its Florida Avenue location since 2002.

Starting June 5, they're adding everyone's favorite meal to their list, breakfast, this time on a food truck.

"In the last year to 18 months, we thought, there is nobody in town serving breakfast to our homeless friends," said Executive Director, Trisha Weatherford. "So with lots of prayer and thought and fundraising, we are starting a new mobile breakfast ministry. So people won't come to our building for breakfast, we're going to go to them."

Currently, the kitchen gets about 250 volunteers a month.

With the new venture that will need people to show up around 5 a.m. to get out on the road by 6 a.m., they are expecting to need almost double what they already use.

The new food truck, along with the newly opened Panera Bread giving daily donations to the kitchen, has breathed new life.

"We currently see people who are only eating dinner with us," said Weatherford. "They're getting one meal a day and that's it and that's not enough to sustain a healthy lifestyle. So the fact that we get to be with them in the morning, give them a big, hearty, breakfast and that can carry them through until they see us for dinner. It's kind of a big deal."

The plan right now is to serve a multitude of items, from breakfast burritos to different sorts of protein and even a cup of coffee on the truck.

Weatherford said they plan to go all over the city of Midland in search of anyone who needs the free meal.

If you want to help Breaking Bread Kitchen in any way, you can reach their volunteer coordinator Maija George at her email

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