Dia De Los Ninos breaks record attendance in sixth year

Dia De Los Ninos breaks record attendance in sixth year

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Now in it's sixth year, the 104.7 La Ley sponsored event had it's biggest year yet, hauling in more than 2,500 people.

Patsy Casas, organizer and La Ley host, first started the event to help bring awareness to anti-bullying, and said seeing it flourish is a very proud moment for her.

"It's a great feeling because I remember the first year, I thought if we had 500 people I'm going to be very happy. First time, we had a thousand people and it was great, everything was free,' said Casas. "Now, six years later, 2,500 people and out of something that was very difficult in our family and many people have experienced the same thing at home, I think it's a huge success."

The event was free for everyone, and many left with a prize of some kind.

The kids couldn't resist being excited for it all, especially the prizes being called out on stage, even if their number wasn't called.

But just because they didn't win, doesn't mean they don't want more days like today.

"Because there's like fun and it feels like a party," said 10-year-old Alexxus Guerrero.

Events like Sundays are great for the kids getting prizes, but most people agree that it helps give parents that extra boost if they need it.
"I think so because I think a lot of parents struggle,' said volunteer Aireanne Alvarez. "Sometimes they struggle with money, and we're doing this all for free just for the kids can have a good time and have some fun."

And even though there was more people than ever, Casas does  not think there's any way they'll have to charge anytime soon.

"I thank the lord because I have so many sponsors that believe in us, that believe in me," said Casas. "They give us anywhere from food to certificates for bracelets to jumpers for rentals and many things free. So I think we have many, many more years to come."

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