Consider This....Bustin' for Badges

(KWES) - From the looks of it, the 4th Annual Bustin for Badges was a resounding success.  In fact, I have heard they are aiming to extend the event an additional day next year.

Since its inception, the event has raised over half a million dollars for Midland and Ector County law enforcement.  Over the last few days our news team shared stories about the need facing each agency.  Laptops, bulletproof vests, supplies for the k9 unit, even free self-defense classes for women were just some of the items.

Consider This...  It's pretty remarkable the effort that goes into this event and that someone saw a need and took it upon themselves to address it head on instead of waiting on the government to act and taxpayers to fund it.  The partnership between law enforcement and sponsors has yielded big results.  Stay tuned I expect to hear a record breaking amount raised.

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