City of Andrews, children excited as Kids Kingdom reopens

City of Andrews, children excited as Kids Kingdom reopens

ANDREWS, TX (KWES) - More than 600 kids attended the grand reopening of a park in Andrews on Friday and its completely free to taxpayers.

"In normal parks, there's no trampolines and there's not really anything bouncy," said Andrews student Kolton Harper. "But even the floors are bouncy and I like it."

That's not all the new Kids Kingdom Park in Andrews has, as its reinvented site has added many new toys and parts for the kids. Some new features also include a better fence, lighting and a camera system for the park.

Even the kids are excited for the improvements.

"It's awesome that we get to play on a bigger park than the kids who live in a big city like Midland," said Andrews student Matthew Hada. "It's amazing to be able to have a big park."

But it's not just about the new trampoline or even the climbing ropes, as there's something for everyone from anywhere.

"We have some special swings, we have some braille, we have some music," said Andrews Mayor Flora Braly. "We have things that won't hurt children with special needs but it will be fun for all the kids. I invite the whole community and surrounding communities to come and look at it. Because it was done with a lot of love and care, so y'all come visit."

The mayor brought out some high school kids as well, asking them to help set an example for the younger generation by keeping the park clean before cutting the ribbon and setting off the balloons.

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