Kids enjoy Pitch, Hit and Run competition

Kids enjoy Pitch, Hit and Run competition

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - 75-100 kids showed up for the Pitch, Hit and Run competition at Security Bank Ball Park in Midland on Wednesday, and many didn't want it to end.

Abraxis Conley said, "Today was awesome!"

Jolie Baeza said, "I'm a big fan of the MLB and I've been a Chicago Cubs fan for awhile."

Boy and girls ages 7-14 ran the bases, hit off the tee, and showed off their arm in the bullpen. Each participant went through the drills for different reasons.

Jace Rader said, "So I can get better."

Felipe Padilla said, "Because I know how to pitch but I've never got a real chance to try."

Landon Hooker said, "I wanted to test my skills just in case I play baseball."

"I never heard of it and I just wanted to see what I can do," said Conley.

Romy Bernal said, "One reason is because my dad wanted me to and the other reason is because I want to be like my brother because I'm not close to him because he's better than me."

Whatever the reason, for two hours these kids got to play on Rockhounds field with the hopes of playing on a professional baseball field as winners of the competition. Maybe even be at a game where they could see their favorite player.

"My favorite player is Derek Jeter," said Conley.

"Javier Baez," said Baeza.

"Corey Seager," said Padilla.

"Addison Russell," said Bernal.

Who knows the next great major leaguer might have been on the field. The city tells us the scores from Wednesday competition won't be available until next week. The sectional round for the competition will continue in May at Security Bank Ball Park..

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