MD Anderson Making Cancer History Seminar returns to Midland

MD Anderson Making Cancer History Seminar returns to Midland

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - On Tuesday, MD Anderson Cancer Center brought its signature "Making Cancer History" Seminar to Midland for a second time.

The event included presentations from three oncologists at MD Anderson about the developments they are seeing in cancer treatment.

Special guest, Jamie Rhoads, who is a former Midlander and breast cancer survivor, told her story about being a patient at MD Anderson.

Rhoads was diagnosed in June of 2014. Living in Midland at the time, she immediately sought out treatment at MD Anderson.

"In my own case, whenever I went there, it's because they are on the cutting edge of everything," said Rhoads.

During the presentations, the oncologists talked about the developments they are seeing within their specific area of study. Although, all three had a common thread: treating each patient and each diagnosis differently.

"Their treatments are specified based on the type of cancer you have, your age, where you're at in life," said Rhoads. "Basically, they try to provide a treatment that's very focused on the individual."

Along with the advancements in cancer treatments, patient care is another thing MD Anderson excels at.

"From day one it was just pretty overwhelming how optimistic and full of hope the doctors, and not just the doctors, the people who greet you, the receptionist, techs that take your vitals, nurses and the P.A's," said Rhoads.

Since March 1944, more than 6,000 people from the Midland/Odessa area have sought out treatment at MD Anderson.

For anyone currently facing a cancer diagnosis, Rhoads recommends MD Anderson.

"They welcome you with open arms of optimism and hope and I do not believe you can get any better cancer treatment that you can at MD Anderson."

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