4B tax debate testy; touches on voter questions and concerns

4B tax debate testy; touches on voter questions and concerns

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - 63,033, that's how many registered voters can fill out their ballot on the 4B tax. Many of them were at Midland College on Monday to get a better understanding on it, Iris Hall-Sanders was one of them.

"It was important for me because I wanted to learn more about the 4B tax so that I could make an informed decision," said Hall-Sanders.

Current members of Midland city council Mayor Jerry Morales and Councilwoman Sharla Hotchkiss spoke in favor the tax re-election. While former Mayor J.D. Faircloth and former Councilman Buddy Sipes spoke against it.

"What I'm trying to do is improve, parks, infrastructure, create a tournament atmosphere and have hike and bike trails," said Morales.

"We don't need to spend $178 million dollars on new parks that will only be used occasionally," said Faircloth.

Voters watched, listened, and were attentive to both sides. Discussions got a little testy as members of the panel each stated their case and answer questions from the audience.

"I think most voters are intelligent enough to make their own decision," said Faircloth.

"We'll continue giving speeches. We still have half-a-dozen presentations that we have to make. We'll continue to run our marketing program," said Morales.

"I hope that it will be used for the purposes that they have stated and it will benefit Midland," said Hall-Sanders.
Monday was the first day for early voting. If the forum on the 4B tax is any indication of what May 6th will be, voters will have all the info they need to decide.

Here's the list of voting centers and times for the May 6th special election:

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