Midland County Commissioners take a stand against high-level nuclear waste

Midland County Commissioners take a stand against high-level nuclear waste

MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - It's the topic discussed several times, but it's come to a close, for now.

At the Commissioners Court Monday morning, Midland County Commissioners said they are through with the nuclear waste conversation.

The court adopted a resolution against high-level nuclear waste being transported by rail through Midland County to Andrews County.

"We essentially said Midland County recognizes our ability to communicate what we've heard in open hearings by our citizens and that is they're against transporting nuclear high-level waste through this community," said Midland County Judge Mike Bradford.

The resolution also included five concerns the court wanted answers to from the federal government.

Those concerns are:

1. Addressing federal funding for first-responder trainings during the transportation

2. Public meetings on the proposed route

3. Railroad inspections

4. Explain reasoning for not storing nuclear waste at closer areas

5. Why move the waste

Judge Bradford says they are urging the federal government to provide those answers to the satisfaction of the court and the citizens of the community.

Last week, Waste Control Specialists requested the Nuclear Regulatory Commission temporarily suspend their review for a license application until the completion of the sale to EnergySolutions.

This could take until the end of the summer, but the sale is not a concern to the County Commissioners or the resolution.

"We have no idea. It is not our task to delve into where they sale or don't sale," said Bradford.

This means the project will be put on hold for now, but even after the sale is completed, the project wouldn't be happening any time soon.

"The word I got out of D.C. last week is, we don't anticipate anything for four-five years," said Bradford.

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