Consider This... "Vote Early Vote Often"

Consider This... "Vote Early Vote Often"

(KWES) - You have heard the saying "vote early and vote often."  While the ethics of the phrase may suggest corruption in the actual process, if you break it apart, it provides a good rule of thumb.

"Voting early," meaning getting to polls early in the day instead waiting until the last minute and "voting often" referring to casting your vote in every election you are eligible for, primaries, local elections, constitutional amendments, and the like.

We have one of those opportunities just around the corner and while the limelight of the Presidential Election has past, there is still important work to be done right here on the Permian Basin.

Your say in what is done with your taxes and who is responsible for shepherding the use of that money is as important as ever. Early voting in Midland and Ector counties opens this Monday. Polling locations and times can be found at

Consider this...casting an informed vote is not just a right, it is the duty of every citizen.

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