Big Spring elderly center hosts senior prom

Big Spring elderly center hosts senior prom

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - Dreams and memories was the theme at the Big Spring Center for skilled care senior prom Saturday night.

The idea was birthed more than 20 years ago.

"I think it's wonderful to bring memories to people who didn't have those memories," said Activity Director Michelle Rodriguez. "Like I said yesterday, we have a lot of people who didn't even get to go to prom. So we're making those dreams happen."

One of the residents, Petra Franco, never had her own prom, and tonight four generations of her family showed up to help her celebrate her first.

We asked Petra how she felt about all of the support they gave her.

"I feel good," said Petra."

"We're happy too," said Petra's family member Gloria Melendez. "We got to spend time with her, especially at this stage."

Michelle Rodriguez said all the support the event got is partly because of where they live.

"We're in a small town, Big Spring, but it's a good home town," said Rodriguez. "That was good that family members came."

They also had a short fashion show, pictures, punch and of course, dancing.

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