Crockett Elementary staff recognized for their efforts

Crockett Elementary staff recognized for their efforts

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - After going through so much, the Midland community wanted to let the Crockett Elementary staff know they were appreciated.

Tonya Gilstrap, 4th Grade English, Writing, & Reading Teacher for Crockett Elementary said, "We're in the valley right now. This was kind of like climbing up the hill. It was very, very touching and sweet."

Last month, the district made the difficult decision to close the school, but for two hours on Thursday the focus was on those who made an impact on the students each day.

Casey Williamson, 4th Grade Math Teacher for Crockett Elementary said, "It's really been hard on me this has been my home for five years. I've never taught anywhere else, never wanted to."

But like true educators it's those same students they say they will miss.

"We go to kids boxing matches, football games, and soccer games because that's how we have to make that connection with these kids," said Gilstrap.

"I have had the best relationships with my kids. Their family became my family," said Williamson.

During the dinner, long-time custodian, Odilon Bretado was honored for his almost four decades of service to the school. A school that made you feel welcomed the minute you walked through the doors.

"That's a true, true, neighborhood school where everybody takes care of everybody," said Gilstrap.

"We're a community. We're a family that's the biggest deal," said Williamson.

This family may be spread out across the district but they all know no matter where they go, what they do in the future each member can take solace knowing they did the best they could for the district, the parents, and especially the kids.

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