6 broncho dancers sign with Odessa College

6 broncho dancers sign with Odessa College

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - On Thursday, 6 Odessa High School Seniors signed on with the Odessa College " O.C. Blues Dance Team."

Why do they enjoy dancing?

Kaitlynn Rodriguez says. " Because I wanted to continue dancing in college. It's something that I really like to do.  I'm glad that I still can dance and still stay close to home. "

" With dance Its all about expression and begin able to dance how you feel. I feel like its an outlet for me." Said O'Della Graves

Teresa Palma says. " i love that I can express myself freely."

" Usually It's just self expression. Me personally, I like to show that boys can do this also."  Said Diego Mata.

Kassidy Ayala says. " I like to dance because you get to meet new people and travel with close friends. "

" You can do whatever you want, you can dance how you want and how you are feeling." said Yvette Soto

Odessa High Showgirls Dance Director Kristina Rios says. "  My goal is to always to not only that they continue dancing after high school but that it is great but go further as to get an education . That is what I really want . Also staying here is a lot cheaper and Odessa College has a great dance team. The fact that they are doing both in one is great and it makes me happy. "

In March,The Odessa High Showgirls Dance Team competed in The American Dance Team Drill Competition in Denton, Texas.

They received national champions in hip hop and contemporary.

They were first runner ups in jazz.

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